Deploy Your OCP Project Now


We’re OCP ready. Here’s why.



From our initial plans through to your live working data center, we are designed and built for OCP Colocation Facility compliance. No modifications or workarounds required. OCP comes out of the box.


You get ease of access with a single storey ground floor layout, no lifts, no ramps and solid concrete floors throughout. Door heights and storage areas are all OCP compliant by design.


You will experience that there are no practical constraints on your pre-built racks being shipped to us. We accept them from the delivery vehicle, de-pallet them and wheel the racks through to the data center. It’s that simple we can deploy live working racks in a matter of minutes from Goods-In.

Hydro66, your OCP supplier of choice

We are open for business and ready for your OCP project today. This means accelerated project delivery for you. We remove many of the headaches involved in identifying a new data center location, allowing you to focus more time on a successful application launch.


OCP is a scalable and cost-driven solution from its DNA. These are also some of the core values of Hydro66. We are uniquely positioned to further leverage the CapeEx and OpEx reductions of your OCP project all the way to the physical building its being housed in.


Our tech team are telecoms experts with deep knowledge of WAN/LAN design architecture principles and practice. Bring your situation to us and we can discuss and implement the most appropriate, cost-effective and supportable solution, first time.


Hydro66 share your desire to be innovative. We have been very successful with our data center design winning industry awards for leading environmental change in a practical way. Yet we don’t compromise on your service offering a 100% availability SLA.

Less energy

Doing the right thing for the planet means using 90% less energy than the average EU data center for our overheads (PUE 1.07) and 22.5x less water for cooling (WUE 0.08). These aren’t just pretty numbers – they add up to significant CO2 and financial savings for you over the lifetime of the project.

This is what Hydro66 means

We believe the best solutions need to be leveraged across disciplines – new ideas intersecting across several areas will produce outsize effects. For the first time, compute and store at scale (OCP) is possible in an award-winning ultra-efficient data center (Hydro66) in the best climate in the world (Northern Sweden) and 100% powered by the greenest electricity (hydropower).

It’s a core Swedish concept to do more with less. OCP and Hydro66 combine to empower your projects to achieve much more with much less both financially and environmentally.

It’s a simple 3-step process to begin

Hydro66 have designed and built an award winning data center in Sweden so you can accelerate your OCP project starting now. Being OCP Ready means much of the site selection and technical specification tasks have already been completed by us and the OCP community.

STEP 1: Available Plans

 Proof of ConceptStandardCustom
Footprint1 Rack Space1 Rack SpaceAsk
Power (A+B)5 KW10 KWAsk
kWh included/month36507300Ask
Public IPs16Ask
Internet100 Mbps1Gbps1Gbps +
Setup (EUR)750FREEAsk
Monthly Fee (EUR)10001400Ask
Contract Minimum12 mo12 mo12 mo

STEP 2: Contact Us

Get in touch to discuss which of the plans works best for you and agree on contract start date and technical details.

STEP 3: Ship

Ship your pre-populated OCP rack or racks to us and we will do the rest. Of course you are welcome to come to the data center and get involved in the deployment.
If you do not already have hardware ready we can assist in the supply of new or re-engineered OCP racks, servers and storage.

Hydro66 has already started deploying OCP racks with live commercial projects delivering services. Our client, Nexedi, working in partnership with ITRenew to supply the hardware, has deployed an IaaS platform for high performance virtual servers at a market beating price.

See What H66 Can Do for You

We’d love to hear from you today. Please get in touch now to discuss how we can work together!

A final note

As the processing and storage of data continues to accelerate, all of us in the IT community must join forces to deliver optimal solutions. The Open Compute Project is a big step in the right direction, offering servers, networking and storage at reduced cost and in a way that scales. This approach really gets to the heart of what we believe at Hydro66 – how to solve big problems in a way that is right for the planet and great for our pocket. We want to extend our invitation to you – join in the project, be part of the community and help us keep that needle moving!