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Business Problem

Systems integrators, from specialised regional players to global multinationals, all have similar business challenges. How do I meet my client expectations in a rapidly changing business and IT landscape? How do I deliver the promised solution on time and on budget? How can I maintain the growth rate of my business without compromising on quality standards? How can I retain margin in the face of new competition and business models?

These and similar questions keep business leaders awake at night. Identifying new suppliers and partners to complement your solution set is time consuming and difficult to get right. But without innovation and experimentation your business will fall behind the competition. So are there any low-risk high-reward solutions to help address some of these business challenges?

Colocation Solution

IT solutions have a common theme. They all live somewhere. Either the client premises, a colocation data center or the systems integrator may have their own data center. If the systems integrator does not have strong opinions on the subject, or is hesitant to make a recommendation, the decision on where to host can be left to the client. As well as removing control from the SI, this could compromise the quality of the SLA and lead to a less than optimal solution experience.

One way to solve this strategy gap is to have a strong colocation data center partnership. For all the reasons discussed here, colocation is usually a superior choice to on-premise hosting. Your colocation partner should have a service provider model, acknowledging that many of your customer solutions will be hosted in their facility. They should be flexible with power density, capacity planning and billing models.

Most of all, they should be helping you innovate your solutions, adding real competitive advantage to your business and helping you with new wins, retaining and growing your client base. A great colocation data center partner is a true value-add, helping you add margin and ultimately de-risking you and your clients businesses.


Reducing Cost and the Environmental Impact of Your Data is Possible

Reducing the cost and environmental footprint of your data is possible. A German energy management company moves their core IT to Sweden with the help of a local Systems Integrator


Flexible Colocation For You


Do you expect more than just rack space from your colocation hosting partner? We will help you install your kit, deliver connectivity solution options and provide class-leading security to make sure your applications stay online all the time.



When you need a colocation cage for an additional layer of privacy we will custom design and build the space and power density you need. Mesh steel built from solid floor to ceiling gives your applications the ultimate physical security.



For maximum flexibility and rapid time to market for multi-MW projects, we provide a range of size and density options on a pre-zoned diverse power and carrier fibre provisioned site.


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