IT decision makers are caught between conflicting strategic shifts such as cloud migration and digital transformation. Low cost ultra-efficient colocation is a new answer.

Hydro66 management have faced these challenges and understand that a colocation strategy is a vital piece of the puzzle. Progressive enterprises recognise the diminishing role of on-premises data centres, as public and private cloud gain inevitable dominance. 

What is the role of enterprise colocation in this new world?

Getting Beyond Infrastructure Mentality

Is it possible to realise the ‘serverless’ vision, or will most businesses continue to make significant investments in infrastructure?

How to get your engineers to spend more of their (expensive) time on developing and optimising revenue driving services is an ongoing challenge.

Assuming it is not a business priority to have the majority of your team working on infrastructure deployment and management, the larger business objective is building the right stuff rather than building stuff ‘right’.


As enterprise Infrastructure teams grapple with the move towards a true DevOps culture they must also become cloud subject matter experts for the rest of the business.

The next challenge is distributing overall operational responsibility to product/services teams, in-house IT teams.


Companies like GE and Ericsson are actively closing datacentres and beginning to reap the benefits. “Friends don’t let friends build datacentres.” is rapidly moving from geeky wit to corporate truth. What is the role of physical datacenter infrastructure for the enterprise and how does colocation fit within the overall shift to the cloud?

Hydro66 facts

Our clients know that public/private cloud is not the full picture. Colocation is the 3rd way and Hydro66 stand side by side with you to provide the most secure, cost-effective, green environment for your IT infrastructure.

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