Cloud Hosting

Hydro66 guarantees EU carrier-neutral space, power, physical environment and infrastructure security.

Business Problem

Cloud software companies are locked in a never-ending battle for customer relevance and economic market fit. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS suppliers are competing for superior customer service metrics, in the face of newly competitive business models and while meeting their own sky high growth projections.

Meanwhile they are increasingly challenged by compliance eg GDPR and other similar legislation globally. Data governance and sovereignty in increasingly complex data supply chains creates a whole new set of security and audit headaches.

So what is possible for cloud companies that do not want to be locked in with public cloud vendors? How can you pursue a hybrid strategy when it comes to infrastructure? Colocation is a well-established option and now is the time to consider innovative solutions in this area.

Cloud Hosting Solution

Hydro66 helps security conscious cloud providers who need EU carrier neutral colocation, and recognize their hosting partner must offer economies of scale and flexible growth options. Reducing complexity by outsourcing non-core activities, such as physical data center operations, allows your people to focus on meeting and exceeding your customers needs.

Hydro66 is custom designed as multiple halls physically connected by a shared services area. The halls can be individually engineered for cooling, power density, security and redundancy. Or if you need a set number of racks in shared space with mixed power density we can also help with that.

  • 5 9’s Tier III SLA on power, cooling and network
  • Time To Market in days, not months
  • 700 million people within 35 milliseconds
  • 24/7 Remote Hands
  • High grade physical security with manned guards and mantraps
  • Choice of Tier 1 telcos

Saving money with ultra-efficient colocation at zero carbon cost is a new answer for IT decision makers in the age of doing more with less.




Other businesses are saving 50% on hosting costs by moving their data to the Nordics. Don’t take our word for it – ask Gartner


Flexible Colocation For You


Do you expect more than just rack space from your colocation hosting partner? We will help you install your kit, deliver connectivity solution options and provide class-leading security to make sure your applications stay online all the time.



When you need a colocation cage for an additional layer of privacy we will custom design and build the space and power density you need. Mesh steel built from solid floor to ceiling gives your applications the ultimate physical security.


Data Halls

For maximum flexibility and rapid time to market for multi-MW projects, we provide a range of size and density options on a pre-zoned diverse power and carrier fibre provisioned site.


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