HPC Blockchain

Cost. Speed. Performance. 48u racks, 20 kW for the most demanding HPC and blockchain infrastructure.

Business Problem

Large scale blockchain deployments are normally orders of magnitude bigger in power requirement than typical compute cloud installs. Not only that, but in extremely volatile markets and rapidly increasing difficulty, time to deploy is critical. You need to maximise the chance of gaining a good ROI. When you have invested significant capital in ASIC and GPU every second counts. Finding a reliable professional data center partner purpose built for your crypto mining business is not as simple as it sounds.

Colocation Solution

By operating industrial grade wholesale HPC optimised server and ASIC data halls Hydro66 offers a quick and assured solution for operators needing to deploy megawatts of equipment in the minimum time possible. Powered 100% by renewable energy and located in a stable political environment within the EU, clients gain confidence in the security of their equipment and treatment of earnings while also enjoying low power prices in an award winning data center.

Minimising Data Center costs for High Performance Computing

HPC infrastructure needs a specialized data center environment. Read the eBook to get a clear idea of what makes the difference between a normal data center and HPC data paradise.



You have 400 kW of crypto mining hardware. Hydro66 supply two rows of ten 20 kW racks with intelligent PDU’s in a dedicated hot aisle contained pod. In-rack containment to ensure optimal airflow. Custom air handling units, powerful exit fans and the Arctic climate do the rest. Talk to us about fully managed installations.


Flexible Colocation for You


Do you expect more than just rack space from your colocation hosting partner? We will help you install your kit, deliver connectivity solution options and provide class-leading security to make sure your applications stay online all the time.



When you need a colocation cage for an additional layer of privacy we will custom design and build the space and power density you need. Mesh steel built from solid floor to ceiling gives your applications the ultimate physical security.



For maximum flexibility and time to market for multi-MW projects, we provide a range of size and density options on a pre-zoned diverse power and carrier fibre provisioned site.


See What H66 Can Do for You

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