If you need to know why choose H66cloud or what PUE is, or how the Open Compute Project works or why the blockchain matters, you’ve found the right place. A library of many interesting topics with the H66 view.


Why H66cloud?

H66cloud is the greenest cloud in the world.  Built from the ground up all the way from the power source through to the data center design and including the cloud platform itself. H66cloud aims to help customers make significant savings with a number of innovative features including true pay per use and application portability.  




What is Colocation?

Colocation (sometimes shortened to ‘colo’) is a method of hosting one companies servers, storage and networking equipment in a data center operated by another company. Instead of running their own data center companies ‘co-locate’ their equipment by renting space, power and telecoms connectivity in a multi-tenant data center. The key point is that the customer owns the IT equipment but rents the required physical space, power and cooling to host it within the colocation data center.



What is HPC?

High Performance Computing (HPC)  is the application of large amounts of aggregated parallel computing power to solve complex computational problems too difficult to be addressed by standard server or desktop workstations.

Classes of problems which can be addressed in High Performance Computing are difficult calculations in science, engineering and medical research.


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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain, distributed ledger, decentralized, consensus. So many words and concepts explained in everyday English.

Imagine a new kind of database. One that is held on many thousands of computers across the Internet, and which is designed to be regularly and simultaneously updated. This is a Blockchain: a shared database distributed across many computers which continually reconcile with each other to ensure that amendments to the database are correctly authorized and approved.



Why Sweden?

Data centers by Sweden are the latest innovation. Business-friendly, cool climate and low cost green energy. What more can you ask for?

Reducing the lifetime cost of data is an absolute necessity for enterprise. As IT budgets remain flat and the data tsunami continues, business leaders have to get more creative with managing this dilemma. How best to support business growth objectives, keep up with new strategic goals and still create headroom for more compute and store capacity.



What is PUE?

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a data center industry standard metric designed to allow data center operators to track efficiency improvements (or losses) over time.

It compares the ratio of total electrical power entering a data center and the amount of that power that ends up consumed by the IT equipment the data center was designed to house. For example, if servers require 10 KW of energy but the data center also needs + 5 KW to cool those servers down, the PUE would be 1.5.



What is Open Compute Colo?

Open Compute Project (OCP) is a large and growing open source community project led by hyperscale companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Intel.

Its mission is to reduce the lifetime cost and increase the efficiency of deploying and managing compute and store infrastructure at large scale. It does this by rethinking and redesigning the “standard” way servers, networks and storage are built and operated.


About H66

The team at H66 are on a mission to create a new benchmark for sustainable and responsible cloud infrastructure. We chose Boden in Sweden to create a template for best practice, the greenest and the most power-efficient cloud infrastructure we could build. Boden is “probably the best” location for a green data center in the world. More than plenty hydropower, perfect climate for cooling all those hot servers, natural electricity grid redundancy and reliability and super-connected.

We hope you will join our ultra-green cloud infrastructure quest and help the planet breathe a little easier.


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