Hydro66 are to build four new data halls, expanding their datacenter in Sweden up to 11.6 MW and 3500 square meters. Demand for innovative and efficient ways to process and store data is expanding rapidly, as companies are seeking smarter ways to scale their IT-infrastructure.

Hydro66, the largest hosting provider north of Stockholm, are pleased to announce a further expansion of their datacenter. By the end of Q1, 2018, Hydro66 will make available 4 new data halls totaling 2000 square meters – 8 MW and 800 rack spaces – of IT space for enterprise, cloud providers and system integrators, 50% of which will be ready for client use in Q4 2017.

With data halls designed for colocation services, wholesale operators as well as so-called High Performance Computing (HPC), the company is commencing the expansion, effect immediately.

“We have built a strong and varied customer base by delivering high quality colocation services in a secure, efficient environment. We are very happy to see existing clients expanding with us and to meet market demand we are now building more capacity.” says Hydro66 CEO, Anne Graf.

Situated on a 45 MW site beside a 120 MW substation in Boden, Sweden, Hydro66 currently has 3.6 MW deployed at 80% client utilization – and are now announcing 4 MW coming live in Q4 2017 and a further new 4 MW in Q1 2018. Four new data halls will be constructed on the existing site.

“Our clients demand truly sustainable datacenter services with the highest level of operational security. Cutting-edge efficiency at scale is only possible because of our disruptive design, the very latest connected infrastructure and smart process automation.” says Christiaan Keet, CTO at Hydro66.

The main drivers for companies to move their data into 3rd party datacenters are cost and scalability. Enterprise companies, system integrators, cloud providers and wholesale operators line up for space with companies like Hydro66, attracted by grid resilience and an approximate 50% cost reduction compared to legacy datacenters.

The client pipeline consists of large enterprises from a variety of industries, but also forward-thinking digital companies and cloud solution providers who see great economic and operational potential from tailoring their own solutions via Hydro66 – all while being ready to expand rapidly with short lead times and at predictable costs.

“Hydro66 is one of the new thinkers in this competitive industry and we are happy to see how they not only compete with global giants at scale, but also outcompete them with agility and price.” comments Patrik Öhlund, CEO of Node Pole, the Swedish investment hub for datacenters and energy intensive industries.