June’s issue of Business Review Europe features an in-depth interview with Anne Graf, CEO of Hydro66. In the article, Graf explains how the world’s first 100 percent hydroelectric data centre is expanding to match demand after a successful first year.

Throughout the piece, Graf gave Business Review insight into the development of the record-breaking data centre. According to Graf, the team “decided on the north of Sweden, where Facebook recently built its first data centre outside the US. It’s very close to a super-abundance of hydropower and it’s in the middle of one of the world’s most reliable electric grids”.

Environmental sustainability is a major talking point in the article. “What we’ve done is identify a much better way and created a much more efficient design to provide a sustainable green colocation service to the market. Now we are saying to the colocation market ‘the internet giants have worked it out, move data not power’”.

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