Testing, modelling, simulations – innovations in fields as disparate as blood circulation and aviation depend on High-Performance Computing applications to crunch the numbers and analyze the vast quantities of data produced in the development of new and better products. But what is HPC, and how does it affect your choice of data center?

HPC is condensing a huge amount of compute, networking and storage into the smallest possible footprint. This has the physical effect of creating a lot of heat in a small space, with all the implications that has for a data center operator.  Particularly if the data center is built for shared use. The problem is compounded if the data center is more than a few years old. So how to address the problem?

What you’ll learn from this HPC e-Book:

  • A definition of HPC you can keep
  • The 4 big challenges of HPC – infrastructure, energy cost, backup and scalability
  • Solving the data and power puzzle for HPC
  • How to choose a colocation data center that makes sense
  • The location impact from CO2 and why it matters