The Production Office

A Stockholm IT solutions provider moves their core data center to a cost-effective and secure location.

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TPO (The Production Office) has rapidly made a name for itself as one of the most innovative, creative providers of communication infrastructure working today. TPO’s speciality is ‘temporary’ infrastructure lasting weeks, months or even years.

From a background in major musical events, TPO have become involved in other areas, most notably traditional mining and construction. Major infrastructure projects such as E4 Förbifart Stockholm bypass requires absolute stability.

Given the vast global audiences and mission critical projects (Eurovision in Portugal, America’s Cup world tour, tunneling in Stockholm), it is vital that their servers, and the links to them, never go down.

With Remote Operations Comes Big Challenges


The specific challenges that these kinds of environments present are numerous; hardware has to be tough enough to be deployed and relocated without damage, systems have to be intuitive enough for the operators to access without excessive training. Flexibility is crucial, since every project is unique and requires innovative problem-solving techniques.

Modern event requirements are developing at a rapid pace, and the need for communication networks are becoming ever more complex. With complexity comes an increased risk of failure – TPO’s speciality is to ensure that all of the various communications devices, regardless of protocol, work flawlessly and, just as importantly, continuously.

TPO needed a secure colocation option which provided greater electrical stability, more power, and a safer space than they could provide for themselves in Stockholm. The decision was therefore made to partner with a colocation data center.

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