Reducing the cost and environmental footprint of your data is possible. A German energy management company moves their core IT to Sweden.

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Uptime on 7 billion data assets


Annual Mangelberger Cost Savings


Decrease of CO2 reduction


In 2016 Mangelberger had grown to the point where data management had become a real problem. Hydro66 responded with a colocation solution tailored to their needs. In its first year, the company has reduced costs by up to 55%.

Behind the scenes of the world’s most popular restaurant and retail branch networks including McDonalds, Starbucks and Aldi, Mangelberger is revolutionising energy management and power control. Each system connects information from cooling, heating and lighting systems. Every time Mangelberger enhances its technology, data volumes also increase.

German manufacturing companies need to manage energy consumption to qualify for tax relief. Mangelberger is also responsible for their client CO2 footprint, so a scalable data center partner is essential. Enter Hydro66.

Sustainable Colocation At Ultra Low Cost


Failing to find a responsive partner in Germany, Jürgen Mangelberger saw an article written by BMW describing its decision to use a data center in Sweden. The opportunity to increase efficiency and scalability and at the same time reduce environmental impact and costs was highly appealing.

As a result Mangelberger approached 2 data centers north of Stockholm. Hydro66 was fastest to respond with a solution tailored to their needs. Mangelberger made its initial enquiry in September 2016. In October the company signed contracts. By November, Mangelberger’s new green hosting arrangements were live.

Critical to the success of this implementation was efficient customer relationship management. A single point of contact at Hydro66 acquired understanding of the full extent of the Mangelberger business.

Equally important to Mangelberger is the fact that its sales team can provide clients with a credible green story backed up by best possible power usage effectiveness (1.07 PUE) figures.

A delighted Jürgen Mangelberger added: “We certainly made the right decision. For us, Sweden is clean, green, open and flexible. Our clients say to us, ‘Hey folks, great step.’ We couldn’t ask for more.”

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