Leading full service IT infrastructure provider partners with H66 for secure, worry-free data center solution

ComDaTe is a complete IT supplier, delivering ready-made solutions tailored to their customers’ business needs.

Located in Northern Sweden since 1990, ComDaTe has built a reputation for fast, reliable, and secure operations throughout the country.Aware of the need to include secure data center options in their offering, they began their search for a colocation data center partner. We spoke to CEO Jens Bergman about specific challenges for his business and why ComDaTe chose Hydro66.

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“ComDaTe needed a data center that was cost-efficient, secure, with high reliability and where we can grow with our services without capital investment. According to our evaluation, we have a cost saving of about 45% by selecting H66.”
Jens Bergman, CEO

Migrating to the cloud challenges the best IT partners


Prior to the development of cloud services, the majority of ComDaTe customers were more likely to keep servers in-house. In recent years, however, the rise of affordable, scalable data storage and compute solutions has led to increasing demand from customers for flexible services including multiple cloud and private server combinations – so-called multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services.

Jens recognized that their expertise lay in infrastructure and that their reputation was built on this specialization. As such – while there was increased demand for solutions that included compute and storage – he had no desire to take on the cost and headache of maintaining a specialized data center building environment, with all the additional skills required. So, the decision was taken to look for a data center colocation partner.

But where to start?

Their Top 10 list of data center criteria included:

  • Pricing - the ability to deliver services at a reasonable cost
  • Connectivity - carrier neutral and public cloud connectivity options for both ComDaTe and clients to choose
  • Green - energy and operations with the lowest possible carbon footprint
  • Geographical location - close to both ComDaTe and their customers, in a low-risk region
  • Security - both physical and virtual, critical for ComDaTe’s reputation
  • Facility - robust and stable power and cooling operations
  • Scalability - the flexibility to expand as needed regarding power and floor space


With such a specific set of requirements, there was always going to be a limited number of suppliers who could tick all the boxes. With their extensive knowledge of the industry, ComDaTe was already aware of H66’s innovative work in the area. It was the most natural choice and so a meeting was set up. From the outset, it was clear that the companies’ mutual philosophies were perfectly aligned and that they shared many of the same priorities.


European companies considering obtaining computer storage, processing or communication services should be aware that in certain circumstances US authorities may be able to obtain access to confidential data held by service providers even if the data is held on servers located outside the US. The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act) allows US federal law enforcement agencies to seek a warrant requiring US service providers to provide stored data on any server within its possession, custody or control regardless of whether such information is located within or outside of the US. The service provider has a right to appeal under the CLOUD Act however we are not aware of any such appeals being upheld.


By establishing a close, personal relationship with H66, ComDate were reassured that the physical and virtual security precautions matched their own high standards, freeing them up to focus on their core business:

“We appreciate the strict security practiced at the data center. The big difference when security and availability are working as intended is that we don’t have to spend time on monitoring this. H66 delivers their part of the stack and we focus on ours.”



Key to ComDaTe’s success was their wish to focus on their core proposition – IT infrastructure. It was essential that the solution ‘just worked’. It needed to be quick and non-disruptive – which was exactly what happened:

“The transition to H66 went smoothly through their on-boarding procedure. From the time of order, we were able to install the first equipment within one week. We’ve had great acceptance from our customers, and 100% uptime.”

This rapid, seamless transition to a colocation solution has delighted ComDaTe – as Jens remarks:

“We’ve had no problems, a great relationship. We always get information well in advance for planned work. H66 has a very professional operations team.”

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