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Our customers are forward thinking. Prepared to bring the future forward by taking decisive action today. Business as usual for them means changing the rules. Discover why they moved their data to paradise.

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Entrusting a colocation data center with your data is like watching your children leave home. You know it makes sense, but you don’t want to be left solving a new problem! Our customers success is our success, and they are at the heart of everything we do. But don’t take our word for it – they want to speak for themselves!


Reducing Cost and the Environmental Impact of Your Data is Possible

From their global control center in Germany Mangelberger have revolutionized energy management for some of the worlds largest brands including McDonalds, Aldi and Netto. Producing ever greater quantities of data from next generation energy switchboards required new thinking about how to manage their data center from a scale, cost and environmental perspective.



Remote Control – Data Colocation That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

TPO’s area of expertise is providing ‘temporary’ telecoms infrastructure lasting weeks or even years for musical events and other challenging environments. Major infrastructure projects such as E4 Stockholm bypass requires absolute stability. Given the vast global audiences and mission critical projects 100% uptime is vital.


About Hydro66

Hydro66 has changed the economics of colocation by rejecting expensive traditional designs. Using locally generated clean green hydropower in Northern Sweden, Hydro66 is purpose built with the environment in mind in every way. Ultra-low lifetime cost, truly sustainable hosting at massive scale, all delivered by our expert data center operators  – discover the future of colocation now.


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