H66 has developed a wide ecosystem of cloud software, IT hardware and IT service partners. Concentrate on your core business and let us and our partners empower you to innovate for your customers.

CloudSigma is a cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider enabling the digital industrial economy through its highly-available, flexible, Enterprise-class cloud solutions in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. With CloudSigma, customers can provision processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources as they please, as well as extend private networks out of existing infrastructure and elastically into a global cloud of connected partners to create easy to manage, simple and flexible cloud solutions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides cloud platform solutions across the world.  With decades of experience to build on, HPE is the ideal partner for H66cloud as we look to bring innovative green cloud infrastructure solutions to the market. Together we are redefining what the cloud can be from an environmental, performance and cost perspective.

Hydro66 joined NVIDIA’s Inception programme in 2019, and during 2020 we plan to work with partners to deliver HPC Deep Learning Infrastructure as a Service to Enterprise. We are excited by the potential embedded in these revolutionary platforms and how they can be leveraged from our ultra low emissions green data center.


maincubes is a colocation data center operator with facilities in Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Working with Hydro66 enables Enterprise clients to optimise their applications and data into latency-sensitivity tiers. Apps or data requiring close-proximity infrastructure can be hosted in Frankfurt or Amsterdam, and the remainder can be hosted at Hydro66’s Boden’s facility where costs are significantly lower. This will result in better overall pricing for clients and create a competitive advantage for both companies.

Oliver Menzel, CEO of maincubes, said, “We know from our customers in Germany that demand is rising in the automotive and IoT sectors for super-efficient, low cost, low latency compute. Combining this with hyperscale HPC workloads and storage with the highest standards of environmental protection and respecting data sovereignty is exactly why we look forward to working with H66 in driving the next wave of innovation in the sector.”

Rapid.Space is the low cost, high performance and ethical cloud service of Nexedi Group, powered by Open Compute Project hardware and operated using SlapOS Edge Computing technology. Rapid.Space provides large size server clusters with SSD storage and 10 Gbps LAN at a fraction of the cost of traditional public cloud providers. All source code of Rapid.Space, including accounting and billing, is provided under Open Source / Free Software licenses so that developers can either contribute to Rapid.Space features or replicate Rapid.Space on their premises. By relying on recycled hardware, contributes to environmental protection through the circular economy. More information on:

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO Nexedi, stated, “We have been strong advocates of OCP for several years now and we are delighted to begin working with a new member of the community. Hydro66 are a perfect partner for us as they reflect our core values of delivering environmentally friendly solutions at a fraction of the “Big 5” market price. Further, our customers see a lot of value in a cloud solution deployed in the EU with an EU partner.


Skylite strives to delivers complex IT solutions in a simple and understandable manner, so that our customers can ensure economy growth and improved efficiency. Skylite is a leading Cloud-based services broker in the north of Sweden, by being a supplier of high quality IT services and products that help our customers to be successful. Skylite also provide procurement and evaluation support in major procurements, in various roles such as technical reviewers or trusted advisors. Skylite is a close partner with worldwide IT-companies like IBM, Lenovo, HP, VMware, Microsoft, Fortinet and others.

Mattias Lindstrom, CEO of Skylite said “Hydro66 have proven over the last 5 years to be an invaluable asset to our systems integrator business. Giving us 24/7 access to an award-winning clean green data center means our customers can sleep at night knowing their carefully engineered solutions are in a high security high availability facility.”


ComDaTe is a cloud service provider and specialist services for IT Networks, telecoms and mobile, and Alarm, security and surveillance to national public and private sector clients. Founded in 1990, ComDaTe is an IT supplier delivering everything from wiring and installation to custom IT solutions tailored to your company’s needs. We are located in northern Sweden and operate throughout the country.

Jens Bergman, ComDaTe, noted: “Our customers have pressing business issues that we help solve for them every day. So they rely on us to show them future possibilities, yet with enough time to carefully plan a roadmap. The cloud is here to stay and ComDaTe and hybrid cloud infrastructure companies like H66 are adding significant value by offering a secure, trusted home for apps and data.”

Node Pole

Recently acquired by Vattenfall and Skellefteå Kraft, Node Pole is a regional agency in Northern Sweden tasked with promoting data center development as a new power-intensive primary industry.

More than just cool climate and cheap reliable green power, Node Pole exists to speak to the additional and unique benefits in the region such as technology clustering and R&D by companies such as Bosch, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB and SKF.


Hydro66 work with global telco partners, leading cloud platform providers and local service companies to create a full service solution for all your off-premise hosting requirements.

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