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Most of us agree that the planet could do with a little help right now. Yet it seems fairly obvious that the data universe continues to grow and consume ever more resources. And of course we are all conscious of value for money.

“Born in Boden, CO2 not included.”

The team at H66 are on a mission to create a new benchmark for sustainable and responsible cloud infrastructure. We chose Boden in Sweden to create a template for best practice, the greenest and the most power-efficient cloud infrastructure we could build. Boden is “probably the best” location for a green data center in the world. More than plenty hydropower, perfect climate for cooling all those hot servers, natural electricity grid redundancy and reliability and super-connected.

We hope you will join our ultra-green cloud infrastructure quest and help the planet breathe a little easier.

Why Choose H66


Low Lifetime Cost

This is the number one request from our clients: How can I save money on cloud and data center space, without compromising on data security, service quality or availability?

Ultra-low cost green energy along with ultra-efficient colocation space and services is a great baseline. When security of supply is vital, long term fixed price power and space contract commitments are available. However, the never-ending growth in compute requirements and storage capacity is driving data center executives to examine Total Cost of Ownership. We can help you create a very credible business case for buying IaaS, colocation and hosting.


Truly Sustainable Cloud & Colocation

Colocation data center buyers are increasingly aware of the hidden costs arising from being in an inefficient building situated on prime real estate with constrained and expensive power. Legacy data centers waste huge amounts of power and water on outmoded cooling equipment. Five and even ten year old ‘past their best’ data centers are now costing companies more and more real money in operational overheads every day.

To be truly sustainable, cloud services must be delivered from a building and a company that “is green” not one that has “bought green”. Maximum environmental effect is achieved by moving to a sustainable cloud using latest and greatest hardware and delivered from a purpose built modern green data center.

Using locally generated clean green hydropower, our data center is located in the leading cloud and data center cluster in the Nordics, in Northern Sweden. It is the first of many global locations we have identified that have cool climates, unlimited bandwidth and scalable, reliable, low cost green energy. Our reference design is beautifully planned to answer the big challenges of the next 20 years. It’s built with the environment and the user in mind, its massively scalable, word class efficient and a great price point. #greencloudinfrastructure


Experience You Can Measure

The team that makes up Hydro66 have been involved in telecoms, data centers and the Internet for over 20 years. You gain access to an experienced group who will help you buy cloud and colocation solutions and with our partner network can assist your wider digital transformation strategies.

Hydro66 is led and financed by Internet industry veteran David Rowe, founder and CEO of Easynet from 1994-2013. The local management team were responsible since 2010 for attracting, retaining and expanding Facebook DC investments in the region. Together we can deliver compelling commercial advantages for you or your clients.

Our Customers Speak For Themselves

Innovation often requires breaking the rules or seeing an opportunity others have missed. In the case of Hydro66 we did both. Building a hyperscale data center beside huge quantities of sustainable power and directly connected to multiple reliable grids seems counter-intuitive, yet obvious after someone else has done it. Our clients enjoy reliable, secure low cost cloud and colocation delivered by a team of cloud, data center and telecoms experts in an environmentally friendly way. But don’t take our word for it.

Customer stories

Data Centers By Sweden

Connecting data to the world’s most reliable grid means you can increase uptime, efficiency and scalability. At the same time, complexity, cost and environmental damage are all reduced. Combine falling telecoms prices (-21% year on year, every year) and rising electricity prices and it no longer makes sense to build data centers in expensive, hot city centres with sub-optimal power grids.

Facebook, Google and Apple have reasoned this out and you can see their results. They have already built hyper-scale data center facilities in cool-climate regions, beside vast electrical grids which are highly reliable, green and at ultra-low power prices. But to “non-standard” design criteria. They have had to re-think and find novel design solutions to Internet scale, exponentially growing, customer bases.

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A Multi-Award Winning Cloud & Colocation Data Center

Our mission was to bring a new choice to colocation data center clients. One that meant saving money and saving the planet. Winning several awards for realising our vision means a lot to us and to our customers. Why?


Join the company driving the future of cloud and colocation data centers

Founded in 2014 with a clear mission to disruptively reshape the data center industry in terms of efficiency and green credentials, Hydro66 has found the perfect place to build and we had the perfect people to begin the journey taking us towards becoming the largest colocation data center in the Nordics.

Today we have 3000m2 data halls running at our facility in Boden, and a fantastic team. We are well on the way to complete this phase of the mission. However we also know that this is a global movement and cannot be done by individuals. It will take a team.

Sounds appealing? Come work with us!

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