Why Sweden?

Data centers by Sweden are the latest innovation. Business-friendly, cool climate and low cost green energy. What more can you ask for?

Sweden has become an established hub for data colocation

Why is this Nordic country leading the data center industry north?

Reducing the lifetime cost of data is an absolute necessity for enterprise. As IT budgets remain flat and the data tsunami continues, business leaders have to get more creative with managing this dilemma. How best to support business growth objectives, keep up with new strategic goals and still create headroom for more compute and store capacity.

A Model Country

One piece in the puzzle is to locate a country that has fundamental and unfair advantages built in. Sweden is just such a county. Recognised by Forbes in 2017 as The Best Country for Business, Sweden regularly tops the lists for sustainability, fibre to the home penetration, competitive economy, low corruption, high employment, tech innovation, global brand building, gender equality and the lists go on. It’s clear that Sweden is thriving, fair and stable – a model country where the ease of doing business is evident.

Hydro66 data center is located at the electrical heart of Sweden’s power generation

Green And Cool

As well as the dense level of broadband fibre already mentioned, two other factors particularly relevant to colocation data center clients are the low cost of green energy in Sweden and the naturally cool climate.

Not only does Sweden have EU’s lowest power price, much of that power is produced in local hydropower plants that guarantee highly reliable renewable energy. With a carbon footprint as low as 0.04g CO2 per kWh, it’s no surprise that many companies are migrating their data from expensive fossil fuelled economies to low-cost clean energy havens like Sweden.

Annual CO2 Emissions Equivalent Per Rack Per Year

Hosting with Hydro66 emits 16,600 times less CO2 than hosting in Germany.

Secondly, the cold climate, is with Sweden, not against it. Especially in northern Sweden low annual average temperatures may enable free air cooling for data centers all year around. Depending on the design of the data center, free air cooling can lead to extreme levels of energy efficiency, and therefore cost benefits for data center customers.

And the results are in – self-build data centers by Facebook, Amazon and Google are all in operation or being developed in Sweden. And multiple large scale colocation data centers, such as Hydro66, are rapidly expanding their footprint to meet the demand of energy-intensive applications such as blockchain, HPC and AI from international clients coming to Sweden for the first time.


Other businesses are saving 50% on hosting costs by moving their data to the Nordics. Don’t take our word for it – ask Gartner.