Many colocation clients start with a single rack. Uptime, telecoms options and physical security are all great reasons to partner with Hydro66.

Our Racks

Starting with the basic building block of a single rack, with A+B power as standard, you can deploy a little as 3 kW and up to 20 kW of servers and storage infrastructure.

Each rack is supplied by two independent power feeds using overhead busbars with configurable tap off connections. Each rack can have any one of the A (protected) or B (filtered but unprotected) connections supplied, with different phases being used to overall balance the phase load on the main busbars.

But that is only the beginning – from handling inbound and outbound shipping to rack and stack and custom installs we can provide all the assistance you need in setting up and operating your data center services, Hydro66 is your trusted partner for colocation services.

Executive Summary

The Hydro66 colocation data center is purpose built and award winning for leading standards of efficiency. Learn all about why companies like yours are choosing to save money and eliminate CO2 from their hosting with our comprehensive Executive Summary.



  • UK-built to the highest standards with best practice airflow and security designed in
  • High flow vented steel doors for maximum airflow
  • EU code of conduct airflow compliant comes bundled with air dams, in fill plates and 1U blanking panels as standard (blanking panels not fitted)
  • Open rack structure comprising of a rigid bolted frame manufactured to IEC297, BS5954 and Usystem
  • Compatible with all major IT equipment housing Standards 19”, ETSI, ANSI, 21” & 22”
  • Integral cable channel
  • Weight loading tested up to 1500kg (static & evenly distributed)
  • Open structure including open cabinet base for convenient cable entry
  • Back and front rack doors open to 240 degrees for safe, easy access
  • Side panels incorporate “easy baying” system to speed up installs

The award-winning Dataracks 303 Eco Rack maximises airflow and heat disbursement and meets the Best Practice recommendations of the EU Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency.

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Services Specification


Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle width:


Standard rack power:

10KW, 15A 3-phase or 45A single phase

Max load per rack:


Max load per pod:

180 kW

Power path:

A+B fully diverse to N+1 transformers and dual gird feeds to substation

Rack model:

Dataracks 303 Eco 48u (custom)


600mm x 1000mm Security: 5 tumbler swing lock, 2 point locking system

Optional Security:

Biometric fingerprint lock


3-ph, 32A, (30) C13 & (12) C19

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