What is OCP?

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure.

Its founders and aspirations

In 2009, Facebook was growing exponentially giving millions of people a platform to share photos and videos. Looking ahead, the company realised that it had to rethink its infrastructure to accommodate the huge influx of new people and data, and also control costs and energy consumption.

That’s when Facebook started a project to design the world’s most energy efficient data center, one that could handle unprecedented scale at the lowest possible cost – to share its design with the public a few years later. With 5 partners, they then launched the Open Compute Project. Together they hoped to create a movement in the hardware space that would bring about the same kind of creativity and collaboration we see in open source software. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

Hydro66, the first OCP certified data center in Mainland Europe

Aware of the inexorable growth in data, compute and storage, Hydro66 decided to follow the Facebook example when they designed and built their data center in Boden, northern Sweden. After winning various awards, in 2019, they became the first OCP certified data center in Europe.

How OCP helps your business grow

Basically, OCP at Hydro66 is about fundamental design features to better accommodate your growing data, compute and storage needs and control costs and energy consumption:

  • Ground floor design throughout with no ramps, stairs or elevators
  • Solid concrete slab floor including loading bay, customer storage and IT white space
  • Dedicated building use, designed and built as data center from green field
  • PUE 1.07, compared to EU average 1.7 means 90% less energy used on overheads

Being OCP Ready™ means much of the site selection and technical specification tasks have already been completed by Hydro66 and the OCP community so that you can start rolling in your racks. 

Deploying your OCP project in 3 simple steps

At Hydro66 you can deploy your OCP project in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Available Plans

 Proof of ConceptStandardCustom
Footprint1 Rack Space1 Rack SpaceAsk
Power (A+B)5 KW10 KWAsk
kWh included/month36507300Ask
Public IPs16Ask
Internet100 Mbps1Gbps1Gbps +
Setup (EUR)750FREEAsk
Monthly Fee (EUR)10001400Ask
Contract Minimum12 mo12 mo12 mo

STEP 2: Contact Us

Fill out the form to help us best understand your requirements.

Or call +46(0)921 48 97 02 to discuss which of the plans works best for you and agree on contract start date and technical details.

STEP 3: Ship

Ship your pre-populated OCP rack or racks to us and we will do the rest. Of course you are welcome to come to the data center and get involved in the deployment.

If you do not already have hardware ready we can assist in the supply of new or re-engineered OCP racks, servers and storage.