Custom Halls

Your data center, your M&E design. Multiple regional 130 kV grids. Ultra low cost hydropower. Operational data center campus.

Hydro66 data center campus Boden Sweden

Data Halls

When you need to build out a custom data center with your own fire zones, security protocols and floor plan layout we have the perfect solution. Our team of M&E design, construction and operations experts stand at the ready to help you bring your project to life on time and on budget.

Tell us what resilience level you need for UPS, generator backup and we will work on the optimal power delivery design. Depending on your applications and hardware we can assist you to maximise efficiency with custom humidity and temperature setpoints. If you need higher than normal levels of security and access control, we have all the design options already in place.

Because all strategic partnerships with local government, contractors and service providers are well established, Hydro66 will help you gain immediate financial advantages from the Node Pole colocation region of Sweden. And for quick start projects, we always aim to have at least 2 MW and 200 racks of available space in reserve.


  • Quick start with powered base building or 500 sqm floor slabs in place
  • Overhead A+B power
  • Custom security
  • Dedicated fire zones
  • Temperature and humidity set point control
  • Floor plan and rack height options to 60u
  • Solid concrete floor
  • Multiple Tier 0 to Tier IV reference designs available from PUE 1.02
  • Single floor level loading and slab floors throughout, no ramps or elevators
  • Can accept fully populated racks - OCP Colocation Compliant

Strategically located beside a new 120 MW substation, fed by multiple regional 130 kV grids, we provide you with a powered base building or concrete slab ready for your custom cooling, resilience, power distribution and rack layout design. Available sizes for colocation services halls from 200 m2 to 8000 m2.

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