Globally connected. Direct public cloud access. Carrier neutral data center.

Connectivity At Hydro66 – Colocation In The Nordic Super Cloud

Hydro66 offer multiple connectivity solutions to flow data securely in and out of your hosted infrastructure. From basic blended Internet breakout and direct public cloud access to fully customised, ultra-resilient network services we will make sure you achieve your business needs today and tomorrow.

Whilst Western Europe data center builds have historically been dominated by the Frankfurt-London-Amsterdam-Paris (FLAP) quartet, the centre of gravity is moving North. a new fleet of hyperscale data centers has arisen in the Nordics to address the needs of scale and emissions.

Nordic hyperscale growth has created a new cloud of clouds unmatched in Europe in size and diversity. The Nordic Super Cloud is accelerating as the major cloud providers (AWS/Microsoft/Google) and consumer ‘clouds’ such as Apple and Facebook continue to invest in hyperscale facilities on a scale never seen before in Europe.

Our Stockholm network node (PoP) makes adding direct public cloud connections inside the Nordic Super Cloud to Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and CityCloud simple and fast for Enterprise clients. National and international customers can optimise between multiple carrier options, managing their own infrastructure in colocation and with direct public cloud access.

Hydro66 IP transit customers will also benefit from new direct connections to Tier 1 Internet service providers such as Telia Carrier and Netnod Stockholm, the largest Internet Exchange (IX) in the Nordics. Telia carrier accounts for 58% of global Internet routes and is connected to 300 Global Points of Presence.

Hydro66 is a fully diverse core POP site for the Tele2 international network. The Tele2 network extends throughout the Nordics and into every major European city. Multiple, diverse dark and lit fibre routes back to Stockholm and Helsinki and to the major exchanges in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and the London metro area can be provisioned from 100Mbps to 1 Tbps and beyond. Fibre providers have multiple diverse entry points to our physically diverse and secure meet-me-rooms.

Technical Details:

  • Dual diverse TELE2 points of presence in separate Meet Me Rooms (AS3246), utilising east-west fibre entries into the site
  • Direct connect to Telia Carrier (AS1299): 300 global PoPs on-net
  • Direct connect to Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and CityCloud in Stockholm PoP
  • Direct connect to Netnod Stockholm for transit, telco and CDN, over 168 unique ASes
  • Blended IP from Hydro66 (AS200675)
  • Additional IP services from IPOnly (AS12552)
  • Full range of fibre and Layer 2 services from EasyFibre
  • 2nd diverse fibre backbone network within easy reach of Hydro66 Boden
  • Multiple diverse options to get traffic to any European Tier 1 city
  • Public facing IP for latency and ping analysis
  • Dark fibre options to Stockholm on Cinia core network
  • Alternative routes to Far East and Moscow via Finland
  • New CLion subsea cable from Helsinki to Germany reduces RTT by 5 ms
  • Partnerships with China Telecom and PCCW
  • 1ms from Facebook European data center for private peering

Sweden is ranked #1 Most Connected Country in Europe and #3 globally (Global Connectivity Index 2019) which really makes a difference when it comes to reaching beyond its borders. 250 million people are less than 50ms away, with another 250 million just another 10ms more.