Cage colocation allows you another layer of security and flexibility to design a rack layout the way you need it.

Private Cages

Hydro66 design and build private colocation cages for organisations that require additional privacy and security, usually with additional space to grow, for their hosted infrastructure.

Build from mesh steel and running from solid concrete floor base full height to ceiling and with optional biometrically controlled entrance gate and minimum 800mm clearance inside Your custom cage will add a 5th layer of physical security to your colocated equipment whilst retaining the efficiency advantages of our airflow design.

Typical use cases include HPC for industrial design processes, public and private cloud infrastructure or big data compute and store.


  • Privacy - maintain a higher level of visual privacy
  • Security - add personalized access control and physical separation from the other clients
  • Scalability - develop into the reserved space and pay as grow
  • Flexibility - custom racks sizes and layouts, the way you want it

Custom cage metalwork and aisle containment doors can be anonymous or branded to your corporate specifications if required.