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For a simple, scalable high quality data center, discover more about secure colocation services in Sweden from Hydro66.

Connect your servers at blazing fast internet speeds, deploy a private cloud or hybrid cloud architecture or create a secure backup or disaster recovery site.

Start from a single rack or grow further and faster with true scalable space and power.

Save 50% on costs and 100% on CO2.

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Do you expect more than just rack space from your colocation hosting partner? We will help you install your kit, deliver connectivity solution options and provide class-leading security to make sure your applications stay online all the time.



When you need a colocation cage for an additional layer of privacy we will custom design and build the space and power density you need. Mesh steel built from solid floor to ceiling gives your applications the ultimate physical security.



For maximum flexibility and time to market for colocation build to spec projects, we can provide a range of resilience, size and density options on a pre-zoned 80 MW site. Bring your project to an established award-winning data center campus.


Executive Summary

Get all the technical details and specifications you need to make an informed decision on hosting your servers, storage and networking equipment in our secure and award-winning data center. 

Learn more about saving 50% on costs and 100% on CO2.


Connectivity with 100% SLA

Hydro66 offer multiple connectivity solutions to move data securely in and out of your servers. From basic blended Internet breakout and direct public cloud access to fully customised, ultra-resilient network services we will help you get the super fast bandwidth you need.

Hydro66 is a fully diverse core POP site for the Tele2 international network. The Tele2 network extends throughout the Nordics and into every major European city. Multiple, diverse dark and lit fibre routes back to Stockholm and Helsinki and to the major exchanges in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and the London metro area can be provisioned from 100Mbps to 1 Tbps and beyond. Fibre providers have multiple diverse entry points to our physically diverse and secure meet-me-rooms.

Our Stockholm network node (PoP) makes adding direct public cloud connections such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and CityCloud simple and fast for Enterprise clients.


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Remote Hands Services

Our qualified team of rapid response, 24/7 on-site engineers are physically present in the data center as your eyes and ears. We perform a wide range of support and troubleshooting tasks to complement your remote management capability. And we are always there to help maximise your application performance.

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Minimising Data center costs for High Performance Computing

HPC (High Performance Computing) is a complex subject with many definitions. Clear up the confusion with this high level overview. Learn about the importance of matching a high efficiency data center environment to your HPC hardware and applications.


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