if you are a colocation user or buyer, or as simply curious to learn more about the award-winning Hydro66 facility we invite you to download the Executive Summary to learn more about where we can fit in your data strategy.

Colocation is the perfect fit in a rapidly changing world. As your organisation looks to save money, increase security and move to the cloud, colocation provides a cost-effective way to maximise your IT investments. Hydro66 are ideally positioned to help you find a cost-effective solution as part of your digitalisation and cloud migration plans.

What you’ll learn:

  • All the details of the Hydro66 data center
  • What exactly is colocation and the 5 business benefits
  • Colocation services and choices available to you
  • Why Hydro66 makes sense for your business
  • The data center impact from CO2 and why it matters