It's time for a next generation cloud

Instant launch data center. Any app, any OS, any workload. Latest hardware. Infinitely customisable. No lock in or hidden charges. True Pay As You Use. Round the clock human support.

CO2 not included.

Global Locations
0 s
Support Response Time
2000 +
Active Clients
4000 +
Active Servers

Any app, any OS, any workload

H66cloud is the greenest cloud in the world and we expect it to set a benchmark for sustainability. We have layered an exceptionally flexible and cost-effective cloud service on top of our award-winning efficient data center. Win for the customer, win for the planet.

A next generation cloud should be available to all, easy to use, the best price performance and most important, kind to the planet. That’s the H66 way. Apps running on x86 or x64 hardware? Need hardware optimised for AI, Machine Learning or blockchain? Delivered for you today as a maximum efficiency high performance cloud.

No app modifications, no vendor lock-in, no compromise. 

Benefits of H66cloud

Mature Enterprise-grade cloud, Instant Launch, high performance with GPU options, zero maintenance. No single point-of-failure. 100% guaranteed uptime with SLA. No upfront costs, cancel at any time. You control whether you pay in 5 minute increments and only for what you run, or longer commits for known workloads. Real time technical support around the clock when you need a helping hand.


Create the exact combination of CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth you need. Resources are never bundled together – no more prepack compromises. Even better, you get to change configurations on the fly.


Your workloads powered by HPE’s latest generation hardware including NVMe™ SSD and running on HPE 10GigE network infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service dedicated GPU enabled clouds featuring latest hardware from Nvidia and AMD for Machine Learning, AI, blockchain and rendering.

Run your apps

No more reworking. Run any x86 OS or application. Use our live migration tool to move all your apps to the cloud.

No more
vendor lock-in

Break the handcuffs. Develop and deploy in the cloud without being forced to use cloud vendor-specific tools.

Free Live
Support 24/7

Rely on skilled cloud support 24/7 with a live response time under 1 minute.


Choose from 14 global locations in the EU, Middle East, Far East, USA and Australia for the best combination of data sovereignty and end user performance.

you can trust

Certified with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and PCI-DSS compliance. All our EU nodes are EU GDPR compliant.

Reliability and
strict 100% SLA

H66cloud guarantees 100% availability guarantee of virtual servers and network backed up by strict SLA of x50 times credits against any downtime over 15 minutes.

Value Added
Cloud Services

Deploy DRaaS, security features, load balancing, DDoS mitigation, consultancy and colocation.

Start locally, scale globally

Global Map

Our company and secure cloud servers are structured to be independent by location. In other words, we legally silo each cloud node by jurisdiction. If your data is in Sweden, you are subject to Swedish law only. Computing in Frankfurt means German legislation and so on. Begin locally, scale globally with 14 data centers to choose from.

The Tech Details

Discover how infinitely flexible infrastructure can accelerate your business. No need to modify your apps. Bring your own images, import from AWS and VMWare or choose from our library. Latest and greatest HPE hardware with NVMe™ SSD and 10GigE networking combined with 5 minute billing means you get an unbeatable cloud price-performance ratio. All supported live and friendly when you need it from our 24/7 team of cloud experts.

Security and Compliance

The H66cloud platform is ISO 27001 certified and PCI-DSS compliant. Our cloud platform locations are covered by a number of certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and PCI/DSS compliance. We can provide a list of certifications upon request. H66cloud is subject to Swedish data laws, which are very strict regarding the handling of data.


Contact H66cloud Sales Now

We are here to help with specific questions, complex and larger requirements. Need to talk private and hybrid cloud, colocation or perhaps HPC or GPU on demand? Get in touch and we will talk it through – contact us now via Live Chat or our Contact Form.