In the context of endless data growth and daily focus on the climate crisis, IT infrastructure is firmly in the spotlight. Companies that fail to implement ultra-low emissions IT will not only limit the pace they can innovate at, they will also be scrutinised by their customers, the market and ultimately legislation.

Together with Comdate, one of our valued partners, we invited local IT decision makers to a cloud infrastructure “Breakfast & Learn” interactive session. 

The customer priority was to understand how they can benefit from secure, scalable and efficient IT infrastructure aka “what should we do about the cloud?”.


Secondly, their questions were around how to implement a coherent cloud strategy and simultaneously protect their IT environment from disruptions and data loss. 

Finally, both of the above must still allow for being agile enough to meet changing internal business demands and not break the budget!

Key Takeaways

The 3 learnings were summarised as:

  • The cloud is here to stay. Whether one of the big American public variety or a local provider, the economies and flexibility cannot be ignored. So a strategy to migrate apps and data to the cloud and out of your own data center is probably a prerequisite for almost all businesses. Perhaps there are occasional legal, technical or privacy issues, but these will be unusual.
  • Once you are freed from managing physical hardware and data centre infrastructure, adopting a DevOps mindset to allow rapid iteration of services as part of a coherent cloud strategy is an obvious way for IT teams to add business value.
  • If you don’t have all the skills inside the team already, then don’t be afraid to ask for help. The role of experienced and secure partners you can trust is a big step. However, the rewards of core business focus and time to market for differentiating value-adds will handsomely repay your investment in cloud migration partnerships.

Jens Bergman, ComDaTe, noted: “Our customers have pressing business issues that we help solve for them every day. So they rely on us to show them future possibilities, yet with enough time to carefully plan a roadmap. The cloud is here to stay and ComDaTe and hybrid cloud infrastructure companies like H66 are adding significant value by offering a secure, trusted home for apps and data.”

Magnus Nilsson, H66 Sales Director, commented: “The cloud infrastructure ecosystem needs many players to work together to offer EU-based competition to the large American public clouds. Working with ComDaTe is a big win for our mutual customers as they gain IT flexibility, financial wins from moving to an Opex model and equally important – they are actively contributing to climate crisis solutions.”

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About Sara Grundström

Sara has worked in various roles and industries developing skills in business development, customer relations and sales. Sara lived in Ireland for several years working in large IT companies including Oracle, IBM and ABB.