A couple of years ago, and one step ahead of the global giants – the Google’s, Microsofts and Amazons of this world – David Rowe wanted to disrupt the data center sector. He saw a widening gap in the market caused by the collision of several mega trends in the data storage and compute world. 

Firstly on the demand side, he recognised the digitalisation of many industrial and consumer sectors was creating an unstoppable tsunami of data. This continues to fuel an insatiable appetite for storage and compute, and ultimately electricity. 

Secondly on the electricity supply side, many of the urban grids are either running out of power – like for example Amsterdam putting new data center builds on hold – or are enforcing punishing lead times and costs for delivery. This is further exacerbated by the push for renewable electricity generation straining the existing grids.

This perfect storm of massive demand and limited supply is putting a great strain on the space and power capacity for housing cloud infrastructure in the major European cities, today and tomorrow.

Lastly – the climate crisis has really caught fire with the public and governments alike – the need to be more than green is very real.

Seeing that storage and compute growth in those areas has an upper limit David decided to create a long term alternative. The need to move to a place where power is abundant, reliable and truly sustainable was clear. He identified Northern Sweden as having these attributes and more – amongst the cheapest power in Europe and built on a truly reliable electrical grid allowing the design and build of an award-winning scalable and efficient data center.

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About Hydro66

H66 owns and operates an award-winning ultra-low emissions cloud infrastructure data center in Sweden. We deliver flexible cloud compute and colocation, store and backup services to all sizes of organisations utilizing low cost 100% green power within an ISO27001 and OCP accredited facility