This October we will head back to Oslo for the third annual Datacloud Nordic event. Both during my time at The Node Pole and now at Hydro66 I have found working with BroadGroup and the Datacloud event series to be of great value.  Not only achieving our business goals, but expanding our network and providing us with excellent colocation and wholesale data center sales opportunities.

My team from the Luleå/Boden-region had been going to the Datacloud events in Nice and Monaco for a couple of years and always appreciated them. So we were very excited in 2015 when Broad Group announced starting up the Nordic data center event. Even despite choosing Oslo to start the series… luckily I love visiting Norway!

A couple of weeks before Oslo I met Gregory Gerot at another event, and he was feeling very positive about the guests who had confirmed their participation – the Nordics were interesting all around the world!

My colleague Fredrik had just left The Node Pole to join Mobilaris as CTO and I took over the role of Investment Director.  I was asked to take the keynote session in Oslo – what a great way to start! The other regions and countries were still focussing on telling the world “we have abundant green low cost energy and lots of space for huge data centers”, which is absolutely true. However, in the north of Sweden we had seen the ecosystems required to support operational data centers, so I decided to focus my presentation on the Alliance network. What a privilege it was to have over 80 Alliance global companies in the region and to benefit from the competence of their people. I was happy to share with the audience how we learned so much, as a region and as a team.

In 2016 BroadGroup decided to come to Stockholm, and it was my first event with Hydro66. We managed to get our re-branding done just in time for the doors opening on the event, phew! My colleagues Paul Morrison and Andy Long were occupied with back-to-back meetings with great colocation data center sales prospects  – just like it should be!

Now we are looking forward to the 2017 event, both to meet old and new contacts but also because this time our newest colleague Fredrik Kallioniemi will join us in Oslo. He will give a great forward looking keynote about where the datastreams of the future will come from – and how they need to be managed.


“If the data center operators are successful – so are the regions” – on stage in Oslo 2015.

Drop me a line on [email protected] if you want to meet up in Oslo, October 30th 2017.

About Hydro66

H66 owns and operates an award-winning ultra-low emissions cloud infrastructure data center in Sweden. We deliver flexible cloud compute and colocation, store and backup services to all sizes of organisations utilizing low cost 100% green power within an ISO27001 and OCP accredited facility