2019 concludes another exciting year for H66 as we continue to add customers and build out our cloud and colocation proposition. The rate and scale at which hyperscale data center builders contribute to the Nordic Super Cloud continues. New capability from our neighbours Google, Amazon and Microsoft is being added at pace.

However, public cloud from the large American providers is just one aspect of the new IT landscape. Vendor lock-in, data sovereignty, flexibility, environmental transparency and layers of complexity in buying and billing are just some of the challenges faced by Systems Integrators and Enterprise navigating cloud migration programmes.

H66 are here to help; we are designing cutting edge hybrid and private cloud solutions designed for forward-thinking Enterprise and SI’s. The attraction of the cloud is unmistakable and H66 are committed to providing leading-edge solutions both now and in the future.

It’s going to be an extremely active 2020 for us and our customers as we meet these challenges head on and with energy and commitment to delivering “ultra low emissions cloud infrastructure”. 

On behalf of all at H66 I would like to wish all our present and future customers our very best wishes for a joyful Xmas and a fulfilling 2020.

David Rowe,

CEO, H66

About Hydro66

H66 owns and operates an award-winning ultra-low emissions cloud infrastructure data center in Sweden. We deliver flexible cloud compute and colocation, store and backup services to all sizes of organisations utilizing low cost 100% green power within an ISO27001 and OCP accredited facility