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Hydro66 help Enterprise, HPC Blockchain companies and Systems Integrators significantly reduce the cost and carbon footprint of data.

When the planet can choose a data center, it will choose Hydro66. Paradise found.


You are on the frontline of change: cloud strategy, information security and compliance, digital transformation, DevOps, Big Data. Ultra-efficient colocation with zero carbon cost is a new answer for IT decision makers in the age of doing more with less.


HPC Blockchain

You demand speed and performance at the best possible price. Hydro66 deliver rack density from 10 KW and amongst the lowest energy costs in the EU. Blockchain infrastructure, financial modelling and automotive simulation all live in data paradise.


Cloud Hosting

Need to host your cloud platform in a high security carrier neutral data center? In an EU jurisdiction? When you also need unfair advantages in time to market, total cost of ownership and ease of doing business. And 100% green, out of the box.


Systems Integrators

You want to deepen client relationships and differentiate your solutions in a crowded market. Partnering with Hydro66 adds a high quality data center for new solution opportunities, stickier customers and deep value add for your clients.


Why Hydro66 for Data Colocation

Ultra-low lifetime cost, truly sustainable hosting at massive scale, all delivered by our expert data center operators – discover the future of colocation now.

Low Lifetime Cost

Endless growth in compute and store and static IT budgets means a real headache. You can save money on data center space, without compromising on security, quality or availability. Ultra-low cost green energy combined with ultra-efficient colocation space is a great baseline. Start saving today.

Environmentally Responsible

Legacy data centers waste huge amounts of fossil-based power on inefficient systems. The planet deserves better than this, and it already exists. Using locally generated clean green hydropower in Northern Sweden Hydro66 is purpose built with the environment in mind in every way. Discover the data center the planet would choose.

Trusted Expertise

The team that makes up Hydro66 have been operating data centers all over the world for over 20 years. You gain access to an experienced group who will help you buy colocation solutions and with our partner network can assist your wider digital and cloud transition strategies. Unlock significant technical and commercial advantages today.

Benefits of Hydro66

Save on colocation costs


Reduce data hosting CO2 emissions by


PUE means you don’t pay for cooling


 Colocation Services

Whether you need a single rack for enterprise applications or a data hall for HPC blockchain infrastructure, you’ll find the perfect data hosting solution in our award-winning data center.

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Hydro66 understood our need for expert advice about tackling the increased amount of data we needed to analyse.

Jürgen Mangelberger, CEO

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Scandinavian Cool: Minimising Data Center costs for High Performance Computing

HPC infrastructure needs a specialized data center environment. Read the eBook to get a clear idea of what makes the difference between a normal data center and HPC data paradise.

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Data Center Sustainability Awards

Hydro66 has changed the economics of colocation by rejecting expensive traditional designs. We’ve adapted techniques pioneered by Internet giants for the colocation market and our clients benefit from our commitment to changing the rules.



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