High Performance Computing

If your HPC application needs high density or large scale power, Hydro66 offer you multiple solutions. A PUE of 1.07 and the lowest cost green energy in the EU is a winning combination.

The continuing growth in data sizes is pushing organizations to process massive volumes of data into insight as fast as possible, if not in real-time – this is not achievable on standard CPUs.

Faster performance means reacting more quickly to information. Cheaper means spending less on computing and storage. Better means tackling previously impossible tasks.

High performance computing also means acquiring interactive capability, allowing the user the opportunity to add qualitative thought to algorithms.

Common uses of High Performance Computing include financial modelling, energy research, engineering design, digital content creation and blockchain cryptocurrency mining.

We want to help you respond to these challenges and opportunities in a cost effective, environmentally sustainable way. A brand new state of the art data centre purpose built to deliver 10kVA per cabinet with A + B power as standard, an industry leading PUE of 1.07 and the lowest cost electricity in the EU is just the beginning. We offer you a long term partnership to enable true scale build out of your HPC platforms combined with all the services and help you need, allowing you and your colleagues to focus on your business priorities.

Hydro66 facts

EXAMPLE REQUIREMENT : 500kW and 15KW racks. Hydro66 supply 36 racks. Six rows of six racks in three ‘pods’ with a maximum power draw of 540KW. For larger requirements of 100 racks / 1MW of power consumption or above we would design a complete data hall for you, with appropriate cooling, UPS and access controls.

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