Dublin City Convention Centre

Taking place in Dublin 21st September, 2017 Datacloud Ireland is the premier regional and networking and deal making event for data center and cloud leaders, their customers, investors and senior executives and features an outstanding conference programme that helps shape the sector for the year ahead. 

As the up and coming European datacenter city  Dublin is the latest networking and business deal making forum. This year's major themes will be reflected in a Data Center and Cloud Enterprise led programme, resourced with CIOs and Global IT Infrastructure leaders, taking discussions across a series of hot topics towards the new challenges lying ahead.

Will you be there? 

The 1-day networking event for 500 executives held in the Dublin City Convention Center, includes a major exhibition of more than 50 international organisations together with an unparalleled conference and networking sessions lead by many of the industry's most respected and sought after speakers. Datacloud Ireland will provide all those involved with a unique opportunity to interact with a new audience of decision makers responsible for data center infrastructure and cloud technologies