We were delighted to receive the DCS Colocation and Hosting Provider of the Year 2016 award at their Annual Awards Dinner in London's prestigious Grange St Paul's, May 2016.

DCS Colocation and hosting provider of the year 2016

Overcoming stiff opposition from some great datacenter companies like CenturyLink and Interxion made our achievement all the sweeter. The key criteria which impressed the judges were:

  • 100% renewable hydroelectric energy
  • 100% free air cooling resulting in a design PUE of 1.07
  • Building designed around efficient airflow and integrated into the surrounding environment.
  • Located directly adjacent to abundant generation to avoid power transmission losses.

The major differentiators allowing us to win the award were:

True renewable power from nearby 100% hydroelectric generation. Inner city data centres buying green energy certificates do not make windmills spin faster or the sun shine more – but by using power close to the generation source transmission losses are avoided. For many years the high cost of bandwidth made it impossible to make economic use of the climate and power in regions such as the Node Pole.

Now that connectivity is incredibly cheap it makes sense to ship photons not electrons. Facebook in Luleå, Sweden and Google in Hamina, Finland have realised this.

Hydro66 makes responsible green low cost colocation available for everyone else.

Hydro66 facts

Ground breaking building design with ‘whole wall’ air intakes. 100% renewable hyperlocal hydroelectric. 100% free air adiabatic cooling and design PUE of 1.07. Engineered resilience through diverse power sources to customer equipment.

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