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The current model for how to process and store data is broken. Furthermore, the data tsunami is exponentially building, powered by consumer expectations, Internet of Things, personalized medicine, big data, and driverless cars. Yet for historical reasons which no longer apply, the majority of compute and store takes place in ultra-expensive city centre locations where dirty, expensive, constrained, unreliable utility power grids are the norm.

This latter point is very important. Over the last 20 years, data centre design orthodoxy has coalesced around standard guidelines that assume an unreliable utility grid. We believe that assumption is wrong. As a result, the outcome is very expensive workaround designs, which are inefficient and environmentally damaging. 


Connecting data to the world’s most reliable grid means you can increase uptime, efficiency and scalability.  At the same time, complexity, cost and environmental damage are all reduced. Combine falling telecoms prices (-21% year on year, every year) and rising electricity prices and it no longer makes sense to build data centres in expensive, hot city centres with sub-optimal power grids.

Facebook, Google and Apple have reasoned this out and you can see their results. They have already built hyper-scale data centre facilities in cool-climate regions, beside vast electrical grids which are highly reliable, green and at ultra-low power prices. But to "non-standard" design criteria. They have had to re-think and find novel design solutions to Internet scale, exponentially growing, customer bases.

Truly sustainable colocation hosting for the future

The Internet giants aren’t the only ones who need these new model data centres. Every single company in the world has exponentially growing data to process, analyse and store. Every company needs their data to be handled in the most sustainable way possible – financially and environmentally. Forward thinking companies have already optimised different classes of hosting environments to their applications and customer requirements. Whilst public cloud is a step change in efficiency and cost saving, colocation hosting is the next big frontier for change.

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Our award winning data centre is elegantly designed to answer the big challenges of the next 20 years. It’s built with the environment and the client in mind, it's massively scalable, unbelievably efficient and at a great price point.

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